Google Chromecast Media Player Review

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Chromecast Google introduced in late 2013. This product is basically a TV dongle that allows users to stream online video from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a television screen, connected over the same network.

Chromecast dongle connected to a TV through an HDMI connection, and getting resources from the USB port or AC power outlet. Google said that if the connection is HDMI 4.1 possessed, then Chromecast not require other resources.

Chromecast quite small dimensions, such as Internet dongle. In the sales package, Google includes a power cable (mini-HDMI connection – USB), one HDMI adapter cable connector, charger, and manual.


In the installation, Chromecast is mounted on the TV and the HDMI connector USB or electrical outlet to get power. First connected, Chromecast will prompt the user to setup through a device that aspires to be used, such as a smartphone or laptop by visiting / chromecast / setup and download apps for Mac, PC, or Android.

From there, users will be guided to install fairly easy. Users must connect Chromecast the existing WiFi network. If you want to pair it with a laptop, users must install the plug-in Google Chrome browser Cast in them.

Meanwhile, if you want to stream video, users can update the latest YouTube app, Netflix, or any other supported applications such as Google Play Chromecast Google Play Movies and Music.

Video streaming applications in the latest update has supported Chromecast. There are special icons for each application that can be activated if you want to stream video from any smartphone to a TV.

This is the excess, Google does not restrict users Chromecast using the same operating system in all devices. Android or iOS smartphone users alike can connect with Chromecast and enjoy video content on TV.

Through Chromecast, not a smartphone stream to the dongle. Rather, ruled dongle to run a video contained in the cloud. Because the users can still use a smartphone to any current streaming has begun.

Dongle is also not limited to one particular account streaming video. So all the devices connected to Chromecast, despite having different accounts, can still enjoy the video content on TV.

Video playback

Videos that run through Chromecast depending on the Internet connection. Users can also select the video quality you want displayed when available choices, such as in YouTube. But unfortunately when tested with a laptop via a browser, the video quality is lower than it should be displayed.

In Chromecast also not provided a special interface to control video. It would be easier if all the videos combined into one, and the user can easily navigate and control the playback, such as control of play, stop, skip, or mute the audio. To do so at this time the user still has to open an application that is running on a smartphone, and control it from there.

When compared with similar applications, such as AirPlay contained in the video player integrated in iOS and OS X, Chromecast requires developers to create applications support one by one. This causes the current application is still limited and it took a long time to make it popular.

Security is also an obstacle, because anyone who is connected in a network, can send video to the TV. It may be that if there are fraudulent, they play the video in the middle of the video we are watching.

But overall, Chromecast brings a new experience watching video in TV. Google membanderol Chromecast at a price of 350 U.S. dollars. With a relatively cheap price of this user does not have to have a SmartTV feature if you want to enjoy YouTube videos on the big screen or NetFlix.


  • Cheap
  • Models are compact dongle
  • Supports popular video applications
  • Is bound to a particular OS


  • Need external power source, unless it has an HDMI 4.1 connection
  • No centralized access control video
  • Support the application is still slightly
  • Video quality is reduced when Tab Casting
  • Security is open, anyone can access the network Chromecast origin in the same

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