Apple iPhone 5s, Gold 16GB Unlocked

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This device comes with various new advantages compared with previous -generation iPhone , ie in terms of the camera and also the processor .

  1. 64 – bit processors . iPhone 5S be called the world’s first smartphone that comes in the form of a 64 bit processor chip Apple A7 . Apple claims that this processor has a data processing and graphics performance two times faster than its predecessor , the Apple A6 on the iPhone 5 .Apple’s iOS operating system also prepares the following 7 applications that are able to take advantage of 64-bit architecture of the iPhone 5S . The phone is also capable of running titles 32-bit software designed for its predecessor .
  2. Companion processor to monitor the motion sensor . In addition to the main A7 processor , Apple has also contributed to a processor companion named M7 . His job is specifically to handle inputs from a variety of sensors on the iPhone , including the accelerometer , gyroscope , and compass .Prosor companion reduces the processing load on the main processor and open the possibility of utilization by navigation applications and health , for example the Nike + Move .
  3. Camera ” iSight ” new . The unit has a camera on the iPhone 5S sensor size is 15 percent larger than its predecessor . The larger sensor also increases the size of each photodiode ( pixel ), which in turn improves the quality of the resulting image .This concept is similar to the technology ” Ultrapixel ” from HTC . However , Apple does not cut or increase the resolution of the camera , but still retains the figure at 8 megapixels .Completeness is not less interesting is the two- color flash light that is able to automatically adjust the white balance of flash output in order to comply with the environmental light conditions .In addition , there is also the ability to record slow-motion video with a frame rate of 120 FPS at 1280 x 720 .
  4. Fingerprint scanner . This one feature related to security . iPhone 5S able to take advantage of the user’s fingerprint instead of a password to login , including the lockscreen to unlock the iPhone .Services such as Apple ‘s iTunes also supports user authentication through fingerprint scanning .Fingerprint sensor integrated on the iPhone 5S in the “Home ” on the front . Now the button is made of a material that is scratch-resistant sapphire , and is able to scan the user’s fingerprint from various directions .


After knowing the advantages of these devices , it is worth discussing KompasTekno shortage of iPhone 5S . Here are 5 iPhone 5S weakness , as quoted from Cnet .

  1. The screen size is not changedWhen competitors were vying to bring a smart phone with landscape display as large as possible , Apple did not budge with the current size .IPhone screen size of the iPhone 5S 5S unchanged , ie both 4 inches . The size is only half an inch bigger than the iPhone 4S .
  2. Faster processor.Yes , with a faster processor would certainly make more powerful iPhone 5S . However , it was only a big role so that applications and games run more smoothly .What about other devices operational ? Unfortunately , for most of the operations of the device , the processor does not contribute much .In addition , because of the greater power and a doubling of transistors on a processor , it will consume a larger battery .
  3. No increase battery life.Probably , most people do not need a faster processor , provided that the daily operations are met . Which is required by many of today’s consumer is a larger battery capacity . Unfortunately , it is not accommodated in Apple’s new iPhone .
  4. No models with greater capacity.iPhone 5S currently only comes in capacities of 16 , 32 , and 64 GB . Unfortunately , he was not armed with a larger capacity than that , like 128 GB .Nowadays , many users who store music , photos, documents and various other smart phone devices . Desperately needed a device that has a large capacity .In fact , many Android-based phone that has been equipped with support for microSD cards up to 64 GB capacity .
  5. Not too many new innovationsFeatures of a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S is getting the most attention from consumers . This happens because this is an innovation that is considered good .Unfortunately , these innovations only come from the side of the feature alone . No other innovations that really make consumers feel amazed , as at the time of the iPhone for the first time launched

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